Research Topics

I am interested in developing and applying tecniques from microlocal and semi-classical analysis to study operators on sub-riemannian manifolds. Sub-Riemannian geometry is a vast generalization of Riemannian geometry, providing a framework for gauge theory, control theory, and quantum mechanical phenomena, among other things. Singular objects in sub-Riemannian geometry have no Riemannian counterpart, and appear to dominate spectral behavior. Representation-theoretic tecniques play a big role in my research. The main fields involved in my work are microlocal analysis, semi-classical analysis, sub-Riemannian geometry, inverse problems, representation theory. Some general research dierctions include:

Microlocal and Semi-classical analysis of sub-elliptic operators:

Integral geometry and X-ray transforms on Carnot Groups:

Dynamics of a particle in a Yang-Mills field: